In her Words

"Picture a little brown girl, with her black wooly hair in plaits.  She is sitting in her grandmother's kitchen, flipping through a great yellow book, that her daddy had just surprised her with.  That book is called 'The Children's Book of Bible Stories', and is one of the first gifts I can remember receiving.  My father wouldn't remain for long that evening, but the stories of Jesus and Moses and Joseph with his pretty coat, would remain with me for years.


Later, I'd always find myself placed in a classroom with teachers who had amazing old books lying around.  One dog-eared one from my third grade class was a book of old English songs and nursery rhymes for children.  Over time, I gathered them to me; as many of these smelly little worlds that I could find.  I borrowed plenty, and even more were gifted to me as soon it became known that my prefered gift would always be a book.  


Books made me aware of just how much existed in the universe beyond my gate, beyond my school and beyond my father's dusty shoemaker's shop. It was a beautifully written magazine article that first ignited my passion for travel.  And not long after, when I found myself wandering the streets of Vienna, it was the brightly lit, sparkling bookshops that often provided shelter against the cold of winter, and inspired me to dream of still, other lives.


"I've found that creativity does not end when you put down the paintbrush or pen, or whatever it is you use to weave your worlds. She is a contstant companion; and if you nurture her, she will show you wonders.


"Today, I weave my worlds, with pen and brush, and fibre and herb. I sow seeds and tell tall tales and hint at half truths.  I am ever gathering more kindling for there is yet, much, much more to come."


-Lattecha Willocks

She's done this before...

In 2012, Lattecha partnered with Jamaican writer Brian Brown, on the publication of a volume of Brian's poetry paired with Lattecha's art. The book is titled, Dandy Lion: A Fusion of Poetry and Paint.

Download an excerpt from the Book, Dandy Lion, A Fusion of Poetry and Paint.

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