Meet Lattecha

“She born one rainy June month when har father gawn a ganja bush,” - said Mother.

Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1979, Lattecha Willocks’ artistic career began in 2001 when she left home for Vienna, Austria, where she lived for a year, studying German and exploring her wide range of creative interests. This is where she was first inspired to combine her love for drawing and crafting, with paint, canvas and brush.  She has since used her love of travel to inform her artistic practice and has been inspired by some of the most beautiful vistas both natural and man made, from Bratislava to the Grand Canyon, from the Notre Dame in Paris,  to the West End cliffs of Negril, Jamaica; where her studio gallery is currently located.  


In keeping with her constant theme of eclecticism and reinvention, Lattecha's creative career has taken a variety of turns, from poetry to painting, designing to modelling. While living in Vienna she modeled for Young World, the little sister publication to Vienna’s beloved Weinerin magazine. In 2012, she published Dandy Lion--a collaborative book featuring her art and Brian Brown’s poetry--and has another book of art and poetry set to release soon. She also achieved every artist’s goal of a solo exhibit, with her artwork being on display in both Germany and Jamaica.


Lattecha's Rastafarian roots upbringing and her travels, together with over 20 years of professional experience in Jamaica's hospitality industry gives Lattecha a unique perspective on the Jamaican experience.


Lattecha creates in order to share her culture and vision with the world. 


Past Exhibitions

A Gentle Madness solo exhibition - Juelich Germany, 2013